Charleston, SC - The very thought of retiring thinks forward to a time of transition. It can be incredibly stressful. Retirement should be a joy and we hope that in some small way we can help you make better decisions when planning your retirement.

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Relax and Retire

A Sharper Image, Somerby of Mount Pleasant

Somerby of Mount Pleasant is focusing on five overlapping areas as it strives to sharpen its image in the East Cooper Community and make life more interesting, more meaningful and more fun for its 240 or so residents. The acronym SPARK stands for...

Emily Remington, seated, founder and guiding light of the Remington Concert Series, enjoys a musical moment with her friend, Annabelle Jenkins.

Franke at Seaside: A Mini-City

One way to tell if someone is "from off" is to hear what they call this sprawling, 42-acre retirement and assisted living community located in the heart of the popular Seaside Farms neighborhood. If they pronounce the name "Franke" to rhyme with "hanky," they're natives or have been here for a while. If...

Sandpiper: It's Like One Big Family

Edna James moved into the Sandpiper Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Mother’s Day 2014, relocating from Charlotte temporarily, she thought, while she was recovering from a recent injury. Now she never wants to leave. At the age of 80, James has decided that leaving Sandpiper, a Mount Pleasant...

Somerby of Mount Pleasant: 150 New Best Friends

Somerby of Mount Pleasant is redefining the term "retirement community." Surrounded by the neighborhoods of Park West, Somerby is a vital part of the community, a place where residents are encouraged to grow socially, intellectually, spiritually and physically. Its campus is home to around 250 people who...

Tides Condominiums: Adding A Fourth Building

Construction on a fourth building at Tides Charleston, located within hailing distance of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, is scheduled to get underway early in 2015, according to Miller Harper of East West Partners, the national developer that repositioned 50 foreclosed residences at the Wingo Way complex in 2012.

Masterpiece Living: Somerby of Mount Pleasant

The word "masterpiece" generally provokes thoughts of priceless works of art and pieces of music that have been played for centuries. But at Somerby of Mount Pleasant, the mission is to ensure that residents think of their own lives as masterpieces. "A true masterpiece is something that never leaves...

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